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About Us

‘Saa’ meaning ‘she’ in Sanskrit; is a female founded passion project that adds the ‘fun’ in functionality. Our focus is to empower women and help them achieve their happiest self. From initiation to execution, we have worked closely with mostly female entrepreneurs and karigars, thereby creating a sisterhood of women who’ve got each other’s back! 100% locally sourced and produced our garments are an embodiment of the female spirit! Producing in small batches is our way reducing the waste of large-scale production. Our long-lasting fabric will survive all your adventures thereby slowing down the need for over consumption. These are our baby steps towards being a more conscience brand and respecting Mother Earth.

The Saa Sisterhood is a safe place where we nurture confidence by bringing you styles that accentuate the body and allow you split, squat and soar! It’s a community built to inspire, uplift and spread positive cheer. Our sisterhood will help you stick to your goals, create new goals for a better life or smash your existing goals leaving you elated – while always reminding you that the journey has to be full of fun. Happiness is our mantra and it isn’t determined by a size, reps, weight or calories. We encourage you to do what makes you happy – dance, stretch, walk your dog or lounge around with a slice of pizza – but whatever you do we want you to do it comfortably.